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"In Vichy become an actor of your health."
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The Les Célestins Boutique

Swimwear, gifts and souvenirs


Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 3pm to 7pm. The boutique is on the ground floor of the Les Célestins Vichy Thermal Spa (Vichy - France).

New for 2016, the "Les Célestins" range of products

Treat your body to something special with a mildly minty Vichy Pastilles perfume, whether a shampoo, shower gel, soap or body lotion. There are many other products in the range, such as scented candles and home scents for a unique fragrance.
Or effervescent bath pebbles with essential oils for 100% relaxation.
For the kitchen, surprise your guests with a Vichy mineral water salt mill, or a collector’s edition glass bottle of mineral water. Not forgetting the famous Vichy Pastilles, and the attractive Chef’s apron!
The boutique also stocks the Curist’s water glass, screen printed Vichy, in its small wicker basket.
As well as a rich D-Lab Cosmetic Food range, organic herbal teas from the Auvergne, swimwear: Marianne Mehlhorn®, Watercult®, Lidea®, Foglers®, ...
Les Célestins Boutique
111 Boulevard des États-Unis  - 03200 Vichy-France


Boutique Les Célestins


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